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Jul 14, 2017


This site has been created from scratch, with the aim of becoming a platform for Personal Blogging, as a computer scientist I like to create my own tools and my intention is NOT to create a CMS more than the many that already exist in the market for normal user, I consider this tool more as personal use than generic but any user is free to use it.

The idea of creating a blog from scratch instead of implementing an existing solution (like WordPress) is because in a certain part, market solutions are developed from a different point of view or objective that I want, and I needed something focused on my needs and also, Because I like to program, perhaps the latter is the reason of greater weight.

This website uses the mythical LAMP (Linux, Apache, MariaDB and PHP) technological stack and is hosted on the servers of Digital Ocean in which I also perform Cloud SysAdmin tasks in my VPS, I myself take care of the administration, Optimization and security.