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Jose Chavarría

Cloud Software Engineer

Welome to my project called "justblog" a simple platform for blogging based in Yii2 (PHP Framework v2), i am an enthusiast on cloud-based technologies, i work as a Freelancer, normally share information about informatic [in]security and Artificial Intellences.

I normally works as Cloud Software Engineer, is a hybrid between a Backend Dev and Cloud SysAdmin, I really like programming and the Linux OS based in Debian, I should accept that Debian it's my favorite distro.

I'm motivated by themes like ventures and tech startups, but neither i'm closed to single subject, always I like learning a new things,

If i had to say which it's my talent or my biggest ability i could said that's the ability for learning and unlearning quickly, everything in the world changes and you have to adapt to change.

I considered that in the world exists a clear social inequality and a large technology gap in the world, for these reason, whenever time and health allow me, i servise as volunteer en NOG or projects related for tech teaching.

If you have any question about this project or you want to give me feedback, feel free for do it, all recomendations are welcome.